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These are confirmed releases but are not yet available to pre-order.

  • Dead Man's Shoes
  • Kelly's Heroes
  • The Big Blue

HMV Exclusive Steelbooks


These Steelbooks are currently available instore at your local HMV


  • 27th October: Godzilla 3D HMV Exclusive Steelbook
  • 10th November: X-Men: Days of Future Past HMV Exclusive Steelbook
  • 24th November: Dawn Of The Planet of the Apes HMV Exclusive Steelbook.

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Walt Disney & Pixar wave


Get all the latest news, release dates and title info on every release in the Walt Disney & Pixar steelbook wave by Zavvi., More...

Steelbook Deals & Offers


Discount codes are shared with at us least once a week and range from 10%-20% off, these are usually for a limited time only so add us on facebook and we'll let you know as soon as they become available... Bluraysteelbooks facebook page

blu ray steelbook discounts and sales

Steelbook deals are usually short lived and very sought after, usually offered by companies like Zavvi, traders or HMV, the offers can include great savings but because of resellers buying in bulk they don't last very long.

Zavvi hosts some of the best flash sales on steelbooks, we've seen titles like Star Trek, Thor and captain America all sell under a tenner and other exclusive steelbooks on offer for as little as £4.99 like Withnail & I, Transformers, Anchorman and Close Encounters.

Zavvi are also known for sending out discount codes, we will keep this page updated with any new codes available as they can offer additional discounts of 10%-20% and that's on top of sale prices.

We also see regular offers by sellers on eBay and Amazon, these types of offers are usually shared by our community members so don't forget to add us on Facebook to take advantage of any last minute bargains, below are offers currently available

What Are Blu-Ray Steelbooks?

Blu Ray Steelbooks

Steelbooks are beautifully packaged Blu-rays in unique metal cases. In a time when digital downloading is seen as the future, the Blu-ray Steelbook showcases just how great it is to own physical copies of your favourite movies. This premium packaging, combined with the optimum viewing experience of Blu-ray, is the ultimate way to collect the films you love.

All steelbooks have unique designs compared to standard releases, this can be done in a variation of ways from embossing (raising of the metal, usually applied to titles) and some steelbooks can be debossed (the opposite of emboss as the area is sunk instead of raised). Even the paintwork can vary from matte, to spot gloss, to full gloss... All of which can have a fantastic effect.

Another massive difference in steelbooks compared to standard blu-rays is the rarity, most UK releases are produced in print runs of 4,000 and once they've gone, they've gone! Some titles are even rarer, the lowest being Jack Reacher with a print run of just 500. Because of this steelbooks can often go up in value, some UK steelbooks are now worth 10x their original store prices like HMV's Thor and Play's Iron Man. In other countries some steelbooks have become even rarer, with a German Rambo and an American Iron Man regularly selling for £500+ on eBay.