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The dates of future releases are sometimes subject to change, this is usually because of printing delays or issues with the suppliers or studios which are usually beyond the control of the retailer.


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UK Blu-Ray Steelbook Releases

Blu Ray Steelbooks

To date the UK has seen over 600 steelbook releases, starting with just 3 in 2008 when steelbooks were first changed from DVD to blu-ray then just 9 releases in the whole year of 2009.

These days we see new releases every week and various waves which can see a dozen or more steelbooks being released on the same day. Where there's a demand there'll always be a supply by the retailers and the amount of steelbook collectors both in the UK and internationally has soared in the last couple of years.

Some releases have brought us various editions of the same steelbook, for instance we've now got 4 variations of the Star Trek movie (1 from and 3 from Zavvi) and also 3 versions of Star Trek into Darkness. We've even seen multiple releases of Captain America and Thor, and there are talks of a variant re-releases of the infamous and ever popular Iron man trilogy.

Steelbooks have changed over the last 6 years, more now include embossing or debossing and we see many more gloss finishes than we did in the early years, the first steelbooks in 2008 all included the blue 'bluray' banner across the top of the steelbook which has luckily now disappeared from all releases.

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