UK Blu-Ray Steelbook Reviews

Blu Ray Steelbooks

We will be reviewing ALL UK steelbooks this year dating back to 2008, the reviews will include all the details of each steelbook so you'll be able to find out exactly what a steelbook looks like before you choose to purchase.

Often the retailer pictures and details are just basic and the colours can appear different than they actually are in real life, we'll be including pictures of each steelbook we review and including all the information including the finish details, print run information and the actual movie details.

All the pictures will be taken by us and although we're not professional photographers we'll be showing as much detail as possible and a 'life-like' view, rather than edited or mock-up pictures that are often displayed elsewhere.

If you would like to contribute a review or request a particular steelbook for us to review just drop us a message on our facebook page.