Blu-Ray Details

Toy Story Steelbook

Region:  B

Sound Information: Dolby Digital

Number of Discs: 1

Main Language: English

Subtitle Languages: English, English for the Hard of Hearing

Series: The Pixar Collection

Run Time: 77 mins approx

Studio: Walt Disney Studios

Theatrical Release Year: 1995


Toy Story Blu-Ray Steelbook Review

Blu Ray Steelbooks

This is the #3 release in the Zavvi Pixar steelbook collection, in my personal opinion this is the best design of the 3 steelbooks with some very nice colouring, this could have been made much better if given a gloss paint finish but that is the only downfall for me.

The steelbook is embossed on the front with what seems like random elements of embossing like Woody's eyes and boots, this steelbook just needs to be opened to be appreciated, i kept my copy sealed for a few months but since opening it and seeing the back and inside art the steelbook has gone towards the top of the list of the nicest steelbooks I own.

Zavvi decided to include just the single blu-ray disc and no 3D option which was a little disappointing but if you appreciate the case (which most steelbook collectors do) it's definitely worth buying and it's currently selling on eBay for less than it's release price, this was limited to 4,000 and is expected to sell out very soon.