Blu-Ray Details

Bambi Steelbook

Region: B

Sound Information: Dolby Digital
Number of Discs: 1

Main Language: English

Dubbing Languages: English, French, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic

Subtitle Languages: English

Running Time: 69 mins approx.

Studio: Walt Disney Studios


Bambi Blu-Ray Steelbook Review

Blu Ray Steelbooks

The Bambi steelbook was a turning point in the Disney series for Zavvi, until this point we'd seen a lot of low quality releases but this is simply brilliant, this is #13 in the Zavvi Disney collection.

The most striking part of this steelbook for me is the back, the colour of green used together will a full gloss finish is very vibrant, the front is also great quality. The title is embossed and has a bronze finish and there's also further embossing to the characters.

This is limited to 4,000 copies but there will be much less on the market because the dreaded 'spine slasher' had his way with these & 100's were sent out with very deep scratches across the spines.