Blu-Ray Details

Aviator Steelbook

Director: Martin Scorsese

Region: B

Sound Information: Dolby Digital

Number of Discs: 1

Main Language: English

Run Time: 166 mins approx.

Studio: Miramax Films

Theatrical Release Year: 2004


Aviator Blu-Ray Steelbook Review

Blu Ray Steelbooks

The aviator was a greatly anticipated release by steelbook collectors and should have been one of the most talked about releases of the year but unfortunately the finished product was a big let down.

The steelbook was advertised as having a gloss finish but it only has a spot gloss and the artwork seems very rushed and has no definition. The title is embossed with a silver gloss finish.

This was limited to 2,000 copies worldwide and sold out months before release but now it can be picked up under cost price on eBay.