Blu-Ray Details

The Nightmare Before Christmas disc details

Region: Region B

Sound Information: Dolby Digital

Number of Discs: 1

Main Language: English

Subtitle Languages:
English, English for the Hard of Hearing, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Studio: Walt Disney Studios

Theatrical Release Year: 1993


The Nightmare Before Christmas Blu-Ray Steelbook Review

Nightmare before christmas

This Tim Burton release was another Zavvi exclusive steelbook and again was much anticipated by collectors, the pre-order artwork looked fantastic and had loads of potential.

Unfortunately again the finished product quality didn't really match up, although the artwork is fantastic the colours of the finished product are quite washed out and it just feels quite cheap.

This was limited to 4,000 copies and is now sold out but can still be picked up relatively cheap on eBay, it took nearly 5 months from the release date to sell out and at it's lowest point was reduced from £17.99 down to £9.99.

The back is patterned but has no artwork and the front has some nice debossing to the eyes, nose and mouth. This could have been so much nicer with a gloss finish and deeper colours but it's still a nice steelbook to add to your collection.