2009 UK Blu-Ray Steelbook Chart

Terminator 2 blu ray steelbook

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2009 brought us one of the rarest steelbooks in the UK 'Star Trek' so this has to take a place in this years top 3, it is the original 3 disk edition which was exclusive to play.com. Zavvi have since done a re-print with the exact same artwork but with the single disk edition of the movie.

Next up is Terminator, we now have all the Terminator films on steelbook in the UK but this one is still the best, with fantastic artwork and it feels like a real good quality steelbook.

Finally to make it to the top 3 is Gladiator, again with the blue banner and printed details on the back, this is just a great and all time classic steelbook that's recently risen in value, fetching prices of £70-80 on eBay for a new and sealed copy, this version also included a pack of art cards.