2011 UK Blu-Ray Steelbook Chart

thor hmv blu ray steelbook

captain america hmv blu ray steelbookgreen hornet hmv blu ray steelbook









This is undoubtedly the prime year for HMV exclusives with all of our top 3 releases coming from them, and still to this day they're amongst some of the most sought after UK releases.

First off is Thor, undisputedly one of the rarest UK releases, probably the most sought after amongst collectors and also one of the most costly, brand new copies are now fetching prices of over £100 and this is still rising, the steelbook itself is minimal but very fitting, with a gloss finish and superb paint quality as well as artwork on the back and inside this is without a doubt the best steelbook to come out of 2011.

Next up is captain America, again a hugely popular part of the Avengers franchise, the artwork just like Thor is minimal but is of great quality, superb colours and a nice glossy finish with plenty embossing.

Last but not least is the Green Horney, quite understated as the film wasn't as good as the 2 above but the steelbook itself is brilliant, very bold colours and loads of top quality embossing, plus a full gloss finish, definitely a must for an steelbook collector and new copies are still under £30 on eBay!