2012 UK Blu-Ray Steelbook Chart

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This year brought us the infamous Iron Man steelbook, with a full gloss finish, fantastic design, very limited print run and a UK exclusive design it has to take top spot, besides the fact that the movie was epic too!

Next up is Avengers assemble, quite understated really as even though the film was a huge hit and the steelbook was again a UK exclusive (HMV) and also a limited print run it's not really that sought after, I have no doubt that it will be given time though. The steelbook itself is plain but bold, with a jet black finish with blue accents.

Finally for 2012 is one that's anything but mainstream but as a steelbook it's one of the best quality i've ever owned, it's jam packed full of extras, the film itself is very popular (in it's own market!) and the steelbook created by Arrow video is just great, with a matte finish it really suits the artwork which is fairly gross to be honest but very detailed.