2010 UK Blu-Ray Steelbook Chart

shogun assassin blu ray steelbook

metropolis blu ray steelbookprince of persia blu ray steelbook









The top 3 for 2010 are probably quite unexpected as the first 2 are not the most popular mainstream movies and but they're of the best quality we've seen, contain loads of extras plus dual format and great artwork, what more can you ask for?

First up is Shogun Assassin, this was a general release back in 2010 and was selling online in the sales for under a tenner, until the London riots broke out and the warehouse where the remaining stock was stored was burned to the ground, making this an instant rarey and now very collectible.

Metropolis was also in the same warehouse and thousands of copies were destroyed, this also came with a free T-shirt for a limited time, although it's very hard to buy them both together these days, this again is dual format with loads of extras on the discs and a good solid quality steelbook.

Finally it's an HMV exclusive, Prince of Persia the sands of time, so this wasn't the greatest adventure movie of all time but this steelbook is one of the nicest designs i've ever seen, it's also triple play and now OOP. there was also a blue version released which was double play, the artwork was the same except the golden border was replaced by a blue border.