2013 UK Blu-Ray Steelbook Chart

finding nemo uk steelbook

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This is a really hard year to choose just 3 steelbooks, we has soo many very nice releases in the UK and our community gave us dozens of nominations for the steelbook chart.

First up was a no brainer, the first of the Pixar collection and what a beauty it was, Finding Nemo had a full gloss finish and some of the most detailed embossing i've ever seen on the shark's eyes and teeth. Unfortunately the Pixar collection didn't maintain the standard of this release.

Next up is Roger Rabbit, released as a Disney exclusive and limited to just 3,000 copies it sold out well before release and is now quite sought after, the artwork is very detailed and it has very vibrant red paintwork, topped off with a high quality full gloss finish.

Last but not least is World War Z, possibly one of the finest examples of a white background we've ever seen on a UK steelbook, with a huge embossed red Z in the centre, the overall quality is just second to none with this release by 'The Entertainment Store'. It also came laser etched with a number (of 5,000) and although it wasn't a quick sell out it's maintaining a high after-market value.

This year brought us so many more releases that didn't quite make it to the top 3 like Wolverine 3D, Dusk til Dawn, The Goonies, Jungle Book, Aladdin and many more, we'll be doing a full feature on some of these steelbooks in the next few weeks.